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Ok here's some interesting fun

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Ok here's some interesting fun Empty Ok here's some interesting fun

Post  Clonus Fri Oct 28, 2022 8:03 am

So, I've been playing with a lot of AI recently and I have to say it's incredibly interesting. There's a layer of fantastic that I can't explain with words. The most recent experiments have been with something called Stable Diffusion.
You can find more here if you're interested.

With stable diffusion you can get some incredible pieces of Art with some simple key words. It's important to note that these images aren't searched and returned, they're actually generated from digital thin air.

Here's a few examples it created.

Ok here's some interesting fun Heaven10

Ok here's some interesting fun Hell0110

There are values that you can enter to help with the "seed" value upon image generation. So I entered a few angel numbers and asked the engine to show via images what is the next most significant event to affect the most people before Dec 2022, this is what it returned.

Ok here's some interesting fun Proph010

It's just interesting is all, not saying anything.. just an experiment. Why not do that here? cheers all, have a great day.

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