3 year old remembers his own murder.

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3 year old remembers his own murder. Empty 3 year old remembers his own murder.

Post  Del. on Sun Feb 08, 2015 7:59 am

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3 year old remembers his own murder. Empty Re: 3 year old remembers his own murder.

Post  Jim on Sun Feb 08, 2015 2:34 pm

I've brought this up before in Ovni (and everyone ran away  Rolling Eyes  ) ... I don't buy it for the simple reason reincarnation arrived too late in history to count as a real explanation of things. According to the story in Many Lives, Many Masters, the information is put into the minds of people from a paranormal outside source, and a lot of these inputs happen to children. In the book they claimed to be the Master Spirits. Why is it done? It's just another aspect of the Matrix effect to confuse people.

If reincarnation was real, and not just another "control" oriented belief, then why didn't the early Sumerians mention it?

Early Mesopotamians conceptualized the universe as a sphere, one half occupied by the living, the other by the dead. Deities ruled both realms—Ereshkigal was queen of the Underworld and Nergal her consort. Other deities served at their court and gates through which the sun and moon could pass linked the two worlds together.

Graves were thought to provide access to the Underworld. At death, the spirit (Sumerian gidim) traveled to the Underworld, where conditions were dismal. The dead thirsted and ate dust. It was the responsibility of the living to provide sustenance for dead relatives.


What is odd, is that the Sumerians (who lived across the "pool" from Egypt), didn't even have the same beliefs regarding the afterlife. If we ever knew what the story was, the "religious elite" erased everything.

3 year old remembers his own murder. Point%20is

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